<p><img src=";MaxWidth=300&amp;MaxHeight=&amp;ScaleUp=false&amp;Quality=High&amp;Method=ResizeFitToAreaArguments&amp;Signature=8EF8975B217C05F25941BA0A76BF3F5B4664760B" data-method="ResizeFitToAreaArguments" data-customsizemethodproperties="{‘MaxWidth’:’300′,’MaxHeight’:”,’ScaleUp’:false,’Quality’:’High’}" data-displaymode="Custom" alt="Electric-Shock-Drowning-Water-and-Electricity-Don-t-Mix" title="Electric-Shock-Drowning-Water-and-Electricity-Don-t-Mix" style="float: right;" /><a href=";utm_campaign=April+2018+Newsletter&amp;utm_medium=email">Electric Shock Drowning (ESD)</a> severely injures&nbsp;and kills people every year. ESD&nbsp;occurs when faulty wiring sends electric current into water, which passes through the body and causes paralysis, which could ultimately result in downing.</p>
<h3>How to Avoid Electric Shock Drowning:</h3>
<li>Locate and label all power switches to pool, hot tub,&nbsp;spa equipment, and lighting</li>
<li>Make sure all pools, hot tubs, and spas are at least 25 feet from powerlines</li>
<li>All wiring and repairs should be performed by a qualified electrician</li>
<li>Have a&nbsp;<a href="">qualified electrician</a>&nbsp;inspect your pool, spa, or hot tub annually</li>
<li>Install&nbsp;<a href="">GFCIs&nbsp;</a>, which can prevent electrocution, on all receptacles within 20 feet of water&rsquo;s edge</li>
<h3>What to do if you see Electric Shock Drowning:</h3>
<li>Do not enter&nbsp;the water</li>
<li>Turn off source of power</li>
<li>Call 911</li>
<li>Use an insulated device (such as fiberglass rescue crook) to attempt to remove victim from water</li>
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